Computer system has learned to recognize x-ray images and alerts if it “sees” illegal items.

BitRefine Group, the leading company in machine learning and computer vision, introduces solution for the classification of x-ray baggage images using state of the art convolutional neural networks. The computer vision system analyzes x-ray images by their shapes and automatically gives alert when it “sees” an illegal item. This leads to the reduction of labor-intensive screening. This, by far, is the greatest evidence that with continuous research and development, fully autonomous x-ray luggage screening is possible in the future.

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Announcement of Google Cloud TPUs v.2

Google announced second version of Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) – chip, specially designed for machine learning application. The performance of Googles TPU V2 reaches 180 teraflops. This power is supposed to be used for training ML models. Google wrote about it: “To put this into perspective, our new large-scale translation model takes a full day to train on 32 of the world’s best commercially available GPU’s—while one 1/8th of a TPU pod can do the job in an afternoon”

Google Announces Tensorflow Lite

Dave Burke, VP of engineering at Google, announced a new version of Tensorflow optimised for mobile phones. This new library, called Tensorflow Lite, would enable developers to run their artificial intelligence applications in real time on the phones of users. According to Burke, the library is designed to be fast and small while still enabling state-of-the-art techniques. It will be released later this year as part of the open source Tensorflow project.

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Hong Kong monetary chief says authorities looking into using facial recognition and fingerprint technology in ATMs

The Monetary Authority confirmed on Monday it would look into using face recognition or fingerprint technology in the city’s cash machines to beef up financial security. After an exclusive Post report that local banks may need to boost ATM security in the battle against money laundering, HKMA chairman Norman Chan Tak-lam revealed they would study the facial recognition technology, which is being adopted in Macau.

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Mobile Network Operators Combat Customer Churn through Prediction Breakthrough

BitRefine group, a leading machine learning company claims that Mobile network operators need to pay high attention to new methods of precise customer care, such as customer churn prediction systems. This effective system promises huge advantages in terms of providing the exact data on who are the customers that would probably leave the Mobile network provider.

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