Big Data in Manufacturing

Machine Learning in Manufacturing

Today, manufacturing is becoming more complex, as well as more automated. The industrial Internet of Things is generating great volumes of data at incredible speed, forming foundation of big data for manufacturing industry. Our R&D team works on a number of solutions that use modern computer vision and machine-learning techniques to increase speed of manufacturing processes, improve reliability, and make forecasting models based on sophisticated data analysis.

Machine Learning in Manufacturing

Big number of manufacturing companies collect much process specific data. For the cases, where companies deal with hundred thousands of records and hundreds of different parameters, we can offer very effective data analysis solutions, based on machine learning techniques, aiming practically one fundamental goal – accurate forecasting. Such kind of solution are always tailor-developed. BitRefine group glad to offer services on research and solution customizing.

Our Vision

The manufacturing process in general and robotics in particular follows the traditional method of programming a device first and letting it perform the repetitive operation next. In contrast to this approach, machine learning and computer vision allows devices to see, think, and act accordingly. Machine learning in manufacturing will allow machines to solve the problems that typically can only be done by humans and in some cases solve problems that humans are unable to solve.

We are seeing the beginning of manufacturing industry transformation. Now this transformation is mainly related to big data in manufacturing and path planning in robotic systems. However, combining big data and machine learning can provide much more impressive results, allowing the performance of not only the perception tasks, but also yielding performance levels that will be more optimal and capable of functioning in a much wider variety of scenarios.

The industrial Internet of Things is big data for the manufacturing industry. Generating great volumes of data at incredible speed demands new approaches as well as presents new opportunities. Machine learning is going to be an essential technology moving the whole industry forward.

Why BitRefine

BitRefine Group is a forward-thinking and trusted partner.

  • BitRefine group is well positioned to help manufacturing companies create next-generation products and services. Our deep expertise ranges from project architecture design to delivery across various types of solutions. Through our cutting-edge technologies, we help our clients implement the solution needed to enable and grow their next-generation business.
  • Computer science is now developing rapidly. Thus, following studies, keeping up with the latest research, and doing experiments, testing new algorithms, models, and approaches is our everyday work. This is how we can say that our solutions are based on the latest academic research in the area of computer science.

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