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The finance and insurance industry has been always one of the most intensively data-driven industries. With a large amount of diverse data and high demand on data analytics, the finance and insurance sectors have devoted attention to the rapidly developing area of machine learning. Today, machine learning offers the best opportunities in big data analysis. Using deep analysis, finance institutions are able to reveal hidden dependencies and specified patterns among millions of records in a fraction of a second, detecting fraud, for example, or recognizing a trend. BitRefine group delivers advanced solutions based on modern machine-learning models for applications, related specifically to finance and insurance sectors.

What We Do

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Our intelligent fraud detection system learns complex fraudulent patterns from large volumes of data and uses this learned model to analyze ...

Face Recognition

Our face-recognition system uses video or digital photos to identify or verify customers of a financial institution with the main purpose of ...

Our Vision

The advent of practical business analytics based on machine-learning technology brings numerous advantages to finance and insurance companies. One example is fraud detection and prevention. In the past, institutions analyzed just a small fraction of all transactions in an attempt to detect fraud. Now with modern machine-learning models, automated systems are capable first of learning fraudulent patterns through analyzing billions of transactions, and then detecting fraudulent patterns in real-time.

Another example is an advanced interaction with customers. Big data together with deep analysis can show, for example, churn probability for each individual client and suggest proper action to retain that client.

Apart from these obvious applications, there is a lot of room for machine learning in the areas of retail brokerage, market manipulation detection, and risk management. The integration of machine-learning solutions is a complex, often long-term process, related to transformation of infrastructures and even culture. BitRefine group works with each case individually, offering fully customized, integrated solutions.

Why BitRefine

We are an industry leader in the machine-learning field. We possess an understanding of how innovative technology can be designed and integrated to deliver business outcomes in a seamless manner.

  • BitRefine group’s focus is on refining insight out of raw data. This 100% matches the needs of the finance and insurance industry, which stores gigabytes of data and is constantly looking for better analysis and process automation.
  • BitRefine group has extensive experience managing, delivering, and testing complex deep-learning solutions.
  • We help our clients identify, develop, and implement machine-learning solutions that can support clients’ infrastructure and services.

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