The retail industry has learned to collect a vast amount of data: sales, prices, costs, logistical data, product-related data, consumer behavior and much more. All this is available for retailers now. The next step is to transform this data into valuable insight. Powerful tools like machine-learning technologies open up a new world that allows retailers to see beyond collected data. The ability to refine, understand and act upon key factors revolutionize how business is done and brings the whole industry to a new level.

What We Do

Real-World Targeted Advertising

The real-world targeted advertisement system is based on facial and body-type recognition, which collects data about people’s age, gender, and other ...

Precise Pricing

Based on collected data, our precise pricing system provides accurate answers to the most frequently asked question: What is the customer willing to ...

Demand Forecasting

Machine-learning engines use diverse incoming data about the environment to discover dependencies, trends, and patterns in customer behavior and as ...

Customer Churn Prediction in Retail

One of the most important business metrics is churn rate, which shows the number of customers who leave a supplier. Today, companies are starting to ...

Recommender System

The recommender system makes it possible for retailers to start offering products and brands to customers individually, relying on information about ...

Our Vision

Internet and mobile apps have already considerably transformed the way retailers and customers interact. We see the next big transformation in machine-learning technology. More retailers are collecting the maximum of available data related to consumer behavior. Machine learning allows us to gain a deep understanding of collected data and to reveal hidden trends. On one hand retailers gain a big competitive advantage through cost reduction. On the other, insight gives retailers a chance to maximize customer loyalty.

Artificial intelligence together with big data demonstrates impressive performance and creates an exceptional shopping experience. The system learns more about customers and creates personalized product offers similar to those you would receive from a friend or local shop owner.

Advanced analytics of machine-learning technologies optimize retailers’ backend operations. For example, only machine learning is capable of processing a heap of data to calculate optimal prices for each particular item for each particular moment, if there are hundreds or thousands of items.

Why BitRefine

BitRefine group is one of pioneers in the area of revealing business insight out of raw data.

  • Every modern retailer wants to get the most out of the information they collect. BitRefine has the knowledge and industry experience to help clients integrate modern technologies and scientific approaches to obtain all the benefits the information can bring.
  • Building new information systems based on machine-learning technologies is always a complex task. The combination of our expertise, tools, and skilled people enables retailers to make the adoption process quick and cost-effective.
  • Our scientific background and deep experience in machine-learning technologies allow us to adopt a different approach to construct tailored solutions that best suit each particular client’s case.

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