The transportation industry covers air, roads, railroads, and ocean lines. The future of transportation is increasingly reliant on advances in computer vision and smart systems. Our team works on a number of applications in the transportation industry that employ computer vision and machine learning technologies. We are excited about the fact that our expertise helps in the development of smart transportation. Our smart solutions bring a new level of comfort and improved travel safety to ordinary people, as well as reduce costs for companies and authorities in charge of transport infrastructure.

What We Do

Road Scene Segmentation

Computer vision as a whole and road-scene segmentation technology in particular is a vital component for developing Driverless Cars and ...

Face Recognition System

Face-recognition technology due to its efficiency is now being adopted by different organizations, including police forces, immigration offices, and ...

Road Surface Inspection

Fully automated road inspection solution performs detection of surface defects based on high-speed optical acquisition systems with the following ...

Automated License Plate Recognition

The core of a number plate recognition system is its optical character recognition software, which transforms captured images into alphanumeric characters.

Our Vision

We have absolutely no doubt that transportation is going to be a fully automated ecosystem in the near future. Driving cars, performing security checks, verifying travelers’ identities and many other task are perfect examples of routines that can be successfully automated through modern artificial intelligence. 

From a technological point of view, we use two parts: a sensing subsystem and a data-processing subsystem. Computer vision is the sensing part, which allows us to capture images, optimize, and modify them according to our needs. The second part in most cases uses deep learning methods to extract relevant information out of the image stream. In the end, we have a machine that can see a number of defined objects and structures just as a human does, or in some cases, even better.

The tremendous progress currently being made in computer science leads us to believe that it will not be long before computer systems take over most tasks in the transportation industry.

Why BitRefine

BitRefine Group is a forward-thinking and trusted partner.

  • BitRefine group is well positioned to help transportation companies create next-generation products and services. Our deep expertise ranges from project architecture design to delivery across various types of solutions. Through our cutting-edge technologies, we help our clients implement the solution needed to enable and grow their next-generation business.
  • Computer science is now developing rapidly. Thus, following studies, keeping up with the latest research, and doing experiments, testing new algorithms, models, and approaches is our everyday work. This is how we can say that our solutions are based on the latest academic research in the area of computer science.

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