Diagnosis Decision Support Systems

An advanced clinical decision support system provides clinicians with the probabilities of possible death on the basis of patients’ symptoms and individual characteristics.

Transferring more and more patients’ clinical data to electronic databases together with new machine-learning technologies allows deployment of assistance system clinicians. BitRefine group offers solutions that process large volumes of diverse clinical data, discovering all possible dependencies between patients’ symptoms and diagnosis. As a result, the diagnosis decision support system provides doctors with a list of deaths that match patient profiles, together with probabilities.

BitRefine group also works on enhanced solutions that belong to precision medicine. The solution takes into consideration patients’ individual characteristics and is able to predict a developing pathology. Development of machine-learning models heavily relies on available medical data as well as on expertise of clinicians. We believe that long-term strategic partnerships between us, as computer scientists, and clinical organizations will allow us to build an intelligent health-information system, fully integrated into clinical workflow.

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