Face Recognition

Our face-recognition system uses video or digital photos to identify or verify customers of a financial institution with the main purpose of improving security and providing a personalized customer experience.

Face recognition is one of the most comfortable technologies among other biometric options. Face recognition requires no special hardware and doesn’t interact with the verified subject. Today’s financial organizations pay close attention to this technology. We offer a real-time recognition solution based on the most advanced methods of computer vision and deep learning, capable of identifying a person from a base of millions of entries.

Face recognition technology is currently used in a number of applications:

  • Client verification at the moment of approving applications for bank products
  • Automatic real-time identification of VIP visitors and notification of the corresponding account manager, improving customer experience
  • Remote person authentication in mobile banking
  • Face recognition for ATM machines

Face recognition has convincing advantages among fingerprint or eye iris recognition systems for the finance industry. Thanks to modern computer vision and machine-learning technologies, we expect significant enhancements in the convenience of verification methods. In most cases, customers will no longer need to visit a branch to complete transactions. In addition, automation of verification processes raises strong barriers to fraud, helping banks’ fraud departments to significantly reduce losses. Link to BitRefine's face identification system.

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