Fraud Detection & Prevention

Our intelligent fraud detection system learns complex fraudulent patterns from large volumes of data and uses this learned model to analyze customers’ behavior and block suspicious transactions.

The finance sector’s high complexity has made traditional rule-based detection less and less effective. Taking into account the evolution of fraud and the number of transactions, only an intelligent system has the capacity to inspect all the transactions and discover fraud patterns with high precision. Although modern machine-learning algorithms allow the building of an accurate classification model, building an accurate fraud-detection system is still a challenging task. BitRefine group uses expert-driven methods along with modern artificial intelligence techniques to achieve high precision of fraud recognition.

We successfully apply our solution to prevent fraud in the following financial services:

  • Commercial banking
  • Investment banking
  • Insurance claims
  • Credit cards 
  • Online payments

At BitRefine group, we always start our work on building fraud detection model for a particular customer by doing research. All our tests indicate that the predictive quality of any model cannot be replicated from one dataset for other datasets. Thus, our solution is always tailored to the specific business, given the dataset and the customer’s priorities.

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